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A Smart Trade dynamically adjusts itself as the price fluctuates! Keep reading to find out more…

How it works…

Eve DeFi compared to a common DEX:

Regular DEX

Trade with a liquidity pool, where the price moves based on the size of your order and available liquidity, can be front-run and the trader has limited control.

Eve DeFi Exchange

Buy/sell any amount of tokens with fixed or dynamic pricing, each sell offer is it’s own ‘pool’ meaning no slippage and impossible to front-run.

Selling or buying, Eve DeFi is simply more efficient in every way!

What can you do with Smart Trades?

Sell your crypto the smart way!

Fixed Pricing

Sell your tokens at a fixed price, just like a standard Limit Order.

Dynamic Price

Choose dynamic pricing to move your order with the market.

Vesting Periods

Set a vesting period to stagger release of tokens to the buyer.

Think of the Smart Trades like a decentralised over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk where your account manager is a smart contract and an decentralised Oracle set´s the price – great for any size trade but perfect for large trades that would typically have a negative impact on the market.

Utilising ChainLink Oracle Price Feeds

Are you a token issuer or liquidity

Use Eve DeFi to protect your token price and optimise profit

Our technology is perfect for token issues who want to sell treasury tokens without affecting the price and for liquidity providers to optimise their earnings. Get in touch for a demonstration!

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