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Peer-to-peer Options trading coming soon!

Hedge risks and discover new ways to profit with DeFi Options.

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What are Options?

Like Futures but with less risk exposure!

Options are a form of derivative because they derive their value from the underlying asset, in this case, a token. Options can seem complicated initially but are simple to understand with a few key points.

The trader pays a fee for the right to buy/sell the token later.

A set price is established. The market price then rises or falls.

The trader can then buy/sell the token before the option expires.

Eve DeFi will enable users to create and trade Call and Put Options as well as borrow from a DeFi Lending Pool to settle profitable trades!

What are Options Contracts?

Make extra income and hedge risk

In short, there are three core reasons to trade Options:


The buyer has the right to trade but no obligation to

Hedge Risk

The buyer pays a premium for this right to trade

Extra Income

Create Options to earn income as others speculate on prices.

Utilising ChainLink Oracle Price Feeds

Lending Pool

Earn risk-free Yield

Typically, a centralised exchange will loan an Options trader funds to settle their profitable trades – with Eve DeFi you will be able to borrow from your peers.

As a trader this means your Options are “covered” and for the lender this means you earn Yield by making zero-risk flash-loans entirely passively.

If you are looking for ways to generate Yield without taking risk, the Lending Pool is for you!

For release dates, check out our roadmap!