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DeFi Lending & Borrowing

Eve DeFi lending provides liquidity to traders with a profitable options trade in return for a share of the profits.

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The next generation of high performing yield products!
Lend and borrow with full transparency in a trustless audited environment.

How it works:

A trade has a profitable options trade but lacks the liquidity to settle with the seller of the option.

Using a chainlink oracle the smart contract calculates the traders profit.

If the trade is profitable at anytime the trader can choose to close the trade by borrowing a flash-loan.

The loan is issued the trade is settled.

The trader earns his profit, with the amount borrowed being returned to the lending pool.

Eve Lending pool

The Eve lending pool is the next generation of stablecoin yield products. The Eve lending pool is an on-chain trustless protocol that facilitates ultra-short-term Flash-Loan for the purpose of settling profitable options trades. 

How it works:

An options trader will often need liquidity to close a profitable trade. In traditional markets, brokers normally provide a loan to facilitate the settlement, however in the world of DeFi borrowing is difficult without sufficient collateral. The USDC pool avoids the need of collateral by only lending to profitable traders which avoids risk entirely.

Benefits to depositors:

Depositors stake USDC and earn 10% APY paid in EVE tokens while earning 15% of the profit from all trades borrowed from the lending pool.

Depositors earn profit from profitable trades while earning yield in EVE tokens and incentive to keep tokens staked.

Benefits for traders:

Traders can settle leveraged trades instantly without the need to borrow funds from other parties which would otherwise require collateral or a high cost, it allows profitable traders the ability to scale their trading operations without any hindrance, democratizing finance as funds are readily available from the options pool.