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What is EVE Token?

A token that eliminates trading fees!

EVE Token (ticker: EVE) is an ERC20 token minted on Ethereum with a total supply of 100M.

All circulating tokens are bridged to Polygon to keep trading and transaction costs low.

Users can subscribe using EVE Token as the payment method and trade on Eve DeFi with ZERO FEES.

Fee schedule

Users can either pay trading fees which are broken down as follows, or subscribe for zero-fee trading – see our subscription plans below.


Taker: 0.3%
Maker: 0%

Options Trade

Premium: 0.3%
Settlment: 0.3%

Lending Pool

Deposit: 0%
Borrowing: 1%

Liquid Staking

To be confirmed upon feature launch.

Fees are subject to change.

ZERO FEE trading

Pay for subscription plans with EVE Token

Purchase a subscription plan using EVE Token, or use an Eve NFT!

Month: $20/month

  • ZERO-FEE Trading

Pay $20 worth of EVE Token for a 30-day subscription at a cost of just $0.66 per day!

Year: $15/month

  • ZERO-FEE Trading

Pay $180 worth of EVE Token for a 360-day subscription at a cost of just $0.5 per day!

Lifetime: NFT

  • ZERO-FEE Trading

Hold your Eve NFT in the wallet you are trading with and never pay any fees!

Subscriptions (zero-fee trading) applies only to trading, NOT borrowing from the Lending Pool.

We burn all the EVE received from subscription payments!

Token supply & distribution


As of November 2022, the supply is broken down according to the pie chart to the right.

Ultimately, we aim to continue reducing the total supply (by locking tokens) until the total supply matches Bitcoin at 21M and all tokens are circulating.


Token Holders


Daily Volume


Tokens Staked


Burned Tokens


Token Holders


Daily Volume


Tokens Staked


Token Locked

Stake your EVE Tokens to:

Earn 20% – limited time only

Staking is currently rewarding 20% APY. APY will be reduced in Q1 of 2023 so make the most of it while you can!

How EVE staking works:

Stake with MetaMask

Use MetaMask wallet to stake

No minimum deposit

Stake any amount

No minimum lock time

Withdraw anytime – no penalty

20% API paid in EVE

Rewards start building right away

Start staking

Buy EVE now on:

MEXC Global
Uniswap v3

Official links

Polygon contract address

Disclaimer: EVE Tokens (or EVE) are not shares or securities and have no approved function outside the Eve Ecosystem. The utility of EVE is subject to change. External links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Eve of any of the products, services or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual.